WSFA 12 News Update: Arrest, Murder Charge in Missing Persons Case

Michael A. Wright, 42
Michael A. Wright, 42
Gloria S. Russell, 41
Gloria S. Russell, 41

Millbrook, Al. (WSFA) — After a day of waiting, at least one half of a major search has come to an end.

The Elmore County Sheriff’s Office confirms Michael Andrew Wright, 42, is behind bars, charged with the murder of Gloria Silas Russell–his live-in girlfriend. Russell resided at a trailer on Nettle Drive until recently, when she sold her home and moved across town with Wright and their eight year-old son. Former neighbor Trenella Hester spoke with Russell on Thursday–just hours before she turned up missing. “It was late in the afternoon,” Hester recalled. “She had knocked on my door. She seemed to be in a fairly good mood.” The mood later on, however, was anything but good. Millbrook police drove to Wright’s house on a domestic violence call. Russell was nowhere to be found, and authorities say they discovered enough evidence to suspect a major assault or homicide. This comes as a shock to neighbors who say the relationship between the two never seemed violent. “He’s a good guy. He really is. I would never think anything bad about him–or her either,” explained Nan Lackey, Wright’s neighbor. The son is yet another factor in this case. Family members say they got a call from the boy, who they say told them he witnessed a violent crime. While police have yet to comment, Russell’s cousin says the details were too much to bear. “He called the police and his grandmother, and then they came and got him,” said Brandy Snell. “There’s just no telling what that little boy feels right now.” Still, the latest reports from authorities only indicate Wright has been located. Even though a murder charge hangs in the balance, that fact proves to be a small sign of hope for Russell’s family. “I hope and pray to god dearly she’s still alive,” Snell said.


One thought on “WSFA 12 News Update: Arrest, Murder Charge in Missing Persons Case

  1. It’s been almost two years since this has happened and he is still not in jail. he was let out on bond when he told police where her body was. Now if that’s not shitty police work you tell me what it is. I can’t belive he is still out there. he is a murderer. I hope the families of law enforcement that delt with this case ar not murdered. It would be a pity to know there family was killed with the suspect on bond

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