Pinson Student Killed in Crash

A 16-year-old boy was killed this evening when the car he was driving ran off the road and struck a tree on Highway 79. Brandon Ray Tingle of Old Dixiana Road was pronounced dead on the scene after the 7 p.m. wreck, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. Tingle was the only occupant in the 2006 Nissan Sentra.

Brandon Tingle’s most recent yearbook photo shows a smiling, dark-haired boy.  One of the people who knew him best said he had two great loves in life: his grandmother who was raising him and cars.  Sandi Tracy is a counselor at Rudd Middle School, which Brandon attended until last year.  She said, “where everybody else was more concerned about what type of clothes to wear the next day or other typical middle shcool stuff, Brandon just wanted to work on cars.

Brandon was headed north on Highway 79 in his 2006 Nissan Sentra Thursday night, when he ran off the road about half a mile north of Highway 151.  The car hit a tree, and the 16-year old was killed.  As word spread through Pinson Valley High, where he began classes as a freshman two weeks ago, students began seeking out counselor Elaine Haskins.  Haskins said, “our role here is just to provide that safe place where they can go, so they can show their emotions, whatever those are, share their memories, whatever they may be.

Haskins invited the freshmen to gather in an area, known at Pinson Valley High as “the Commons.”  She handed out markers and paper and asked the students to write messages to Brandon and his family  The messages were to go up on the walls around the freshmen lockers, and later, given to his grandmother.  As the students worked on them at the school, someone else paid another form of tribute – a bouquet of pink roses laid at the base of the tree where Brandon died.


14 thoughts on “Pinson Student Killed in Crash

  1. Gosh I hate that this happened, we pretty much grew up together. I will miss him so much. Me and my other friends that grew up in the same neighborhood with him are keeping him in our prayers. Its really heartbreaking to know this happened, I never knew that about 2-3 weeks ago was the last time I was gonna see him…RIP Brandon, we know your in a better place now.

  2. I have known Brandon for 4 years. He was a great person! I loved him so much. e was like a brother to me and we always went skating together. I miss u Brandon! God be with you til we meet again.

  3. I knew Brandon for five years of my life i know its a few months late to be posting this but i loved the boy to death and i still do =].
    He was my first kiss and will always have a special place in my heart, not a day goes by that i dont miss him..

  4. brandon was my friend i meet him when i was 7 year old i knew him for
    10 year now and i miss him so much it broke my heart when i found out about brandon
    it made me cry and am still crying

  5. i knew brandon for ten years, he was like a brother to me, and honestly if i didn’t have my family, cj, and treyce, then i would have crumbled. i love him, he’s a brother to me, and i will rejoice with him in the kingdom of heaven.

  6. i knew Brandon since i was 11 years old. and in those three years i knew him. he gave me my life back, and strength to keep moving forward. i owe him more then i can give, because he gave me something no-one els could ever do. i miss&love you Brandon. i hope to one day join you in heaven.

  7. brandon was more than just a bestfriend, he was like another part of me. i went to him for everything. he was truly and amazing person i miss him soo much an love him i know it’s been a year and so many months but i miss him still to this day..

  8. I knew Brandon for years and i know its late and all its just hurts me too see all these comments.. Rip brandon We love you and We miss you.. cant wait too see u again..

  9. I miss Brandon so much….we used to hang out in rudd middle school together…He helped me stop cutting.i loved him so much and i still haven’t got over the death of him … i wish he was still here. i dont understand why someone so innocent and loved by many got their life taken away from them….it’s just not fair….from day to day i think about him constantly and i wonder who he’d be today…. i dedicated “sissy’s song” by Allen Jackson to him.because of him im still breathing…. i cant wait to meet him in the streets of heaven.till then im just going to have to pray and fast…. i love you Brandon Tingle!!! R.I.P.

  10. Brandon was my cusin but my best friend. i could talk to him about anything but it is so hard to not think about him. sometime Ill go sit in are grandmother yard and close my eyes and think about all the good time cuz that is were we hang out. Brandon Ray I LOVE AND MISS U SO VERY MUCH I WISH U WAS HERE WE WOULD STILL HAVE FUN. I still see that smile and remember u putting a smile on anybody face. I LOVE U BRANDON RAY

  11. To this day, i still miss him so much. I wish he were still here today putting smiles on our faces.



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