Lima Doctor Charged With Murdering Wife

Dr. Mark Wangler

Dr. Mark Wangler

Kathleen Wangler

Kathleen Wangler

LIMA, Ohio — A Lima doctor is behind bars, accused of killing his wife three years ago. Dr. Mark Wangler pleaded not guilty to aggravated murder Tuesday in court. The judge made him give up his passport and sent him to jail.  Dr. Wangler and his first wife Kathleen called Lima home. Early on September 4, 2006, Dr. Wangler made a call to police.  “My carbon monoxide detector is going off and my wife is having a seizure,” Dr. Wangler is heard saying on 911 tapes from that day.

The 54-year-old anesthesiologist told dispatchers he was going to open a window. Dispatchers told Dr. Wangler, “Sir if you open up a window they won’t be able to test for carbon monoxide.”  Allen County Sheriff Sam Crish said for three years, his office has investigated the death of Kathleen Wangler.  “A case like this always stands out,” said Crish.

Questions remain in the case. How did the former school teacher succumbed to carbon monoxide fumes, but her husband did not? Why would a man kill his wife of 29 years and the mother of his two sons?”It’s a pending investigation. I cannot comment on that,” said Crish.  It seems the case has shaken the city of Lima silent. The anesthesia association of Lima, where the doctor is a member declined comment. So did Dr. Wangler’s current wife, Dr. Esther Vandyne, a psychologist who married him 14 months after Kathleen’s death.The Wangler’s pastor said the family was active in his Baptist Church. Dr. Wangler’s lawyer echoed those thoughts.  “He’s a very religious man, been to several missions. Just a wonderful family man, a good, honest, upright individual,” said William Vandemark ,Dr. Wangler’s lawyer .Vandemark said what happened to his client’s wife was an accident, not a homicide.  He tells ONN that Wangler will post his $1 million bond Wednesday morning.  ONN spoke with Kathleen Wangler’s family Tuesday. They said the family isn’t commenting on the arrest or the case at this time.


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