Police: Slain Clayton mom missing both ears

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — The case of a slain Riverdale mother is detailed in police warrants as a gruesome four-day ordeal for the victim and her three daughters.Channel 2’s Tom Jones reviewed suspect William Nazario’s arrest warrants, which said he tied up the children before stabbing 32-year-old Korean Bowden. Family members said they urged Bowden to end her tumultuous relationship with Nazario, 33, but it didn’t work. Police said they found Nazario’s confession letter in the bedroom where Bowden’s body was found.According to the warrants, Bowden’s 12-year-old daughter told officers The next day, he let her out and said, “You can take this like a woman, or I’ll kill you,” the warrants said. They said she was then beaten after an unsuccessful rape attempt.  (FULL STORY)

Korean Bowden, victim


2 thoughts on “Police: Slain Clayton mom missing both ears

  1. The old saying…love is blind but your neighbors aint!! You never know what a person will do, so when they show that side of themselves, believe it! I wish she would have taken the advise of all around her and let that situation go before it came to this. Now she is gone and her children are left with the burden of having to over come sexual molestation (which is a hard demon to get rid of), the loss of thier mother, a trial in which they will have to face thier molester, etc….all becaus of what? A Man? When you have children you need to be careful who you let into your circle. Your children are your FIRST priorty and should only come second to God….not a man. I pray for everyone involved because this is such a tragedy. To ALL THE WOMEN OUT THERE WITH AN ABUSIVE MAN….LEAVE….RUN….they have places you can go that will help you get your life back on track. I am not saying it won’t be easy but I am sure it is not easy living in that type of situation either at least you will have something verty important that I call PEACE! There is nothing like it.

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