Brakes key in investigation of train explosion in Lac-Megantic –

Burned tanker cars are scattered on the tracks in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, on Monday, July 8. On Saturday, July 6, the train, pulling tankers of crude oil, rolled into the town unattended from 7 miles away, derailed and exploded.

Lac-Megantic, Quebec CNN — It keeps coming back to the brakes of that driverless train.Questions abound regarding the train explosion that wiped out a swath of Lac-Megantics downtown, killing 13 people. Investigators want to know if the trains brakes were disabled before it barreled at a dangerous speed into the Quebec town, derailed and burst into a deadly inferno.Firefighters in the nearby town of Nantes put out a separate blaze on the train shortly before it crashed into Lac-Megantic early Saturday. Ed Burkhardt, chief executive officer and president of Rail World, the parent company of the Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway, told media outlets theres evidence the engine powering the brakes was shut down at some point.Pressed to elaborate by CTV, Burkhardt wrote Tuesday in an e-mail exchange, “We are now aware the firefighters shut down the locomotive. By the time Montreal, Maine & Atlantic people found out, it was too late.”In earlier comments to the Montreal Gazette, he said the matter needs further investigation, and his company has begun an internal inquiry.

via Brakes key in investigation of train explosion in Lac-Megantic –


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