Death of a Honduran Taxi Driver – ABC News

Benjamin Alvarez Moncada pulled his cab to the front of the taxi stand behind Los Dolores church and half a block from the capital\’s main police station. He was the first in line, so he was the one to die, the other drivers said.

It\’s as simple as that.

\”Don Mincho,\” as the 68-year-old was called, expected a passenger to emerge from the throngs headed home after work on Tuesday afternoon. Instead, a 15-year-old sidled up to his taxi with a revolver and fired three shots, hitting him in the chest, ear and neck. Then, the boy in a green shirt and baggy pants ambled away as casually as he had arrived.

Simple as that.

In a lawless country with the world\’s highest per capita homicide rates, most murders become little more than a statistic and most crimes go unsolved. This one might have remained a mystery, too, if witnesses hadn\’t taken justice into their own hands, and taxi drivers gathered around a friend\’s casket hadn\’t agreed to tell their tale of weekly extortion.

via Death of a Honduran Taxi Driver – ABC News.


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