Alabama Swimmer John Servati Killed in Alabama Tornadoes | Bleacher Report

A violent weather system stretching across the South has claimed at least 12 lives due to severe storms and

tornadoes. Alabama swimmer John Servati was one of those killed, the school confirmed Tuesday.

Alabama spokesman Shane Dorrill said the junior freestyle and backstroke specialist was injured during a storm near the Tuscaloosa, AL campus and died at a local hospital on Monday night, according to Mark Schlabach of Dorrill also stated that the athlete’s girlfriend was able to escape without being hurt.

I understand that he was in a house off-campus and was hit by a retaining wall. I don’t know how it happened. I do know he was with his girlfriend and she is uninjured.

Schlabach noted a similar string of severe weather caused billions of dollars worth of damage in the Tuscaloosa area about three years ago. Former Crimson Tide football Carson Tinker, who is currently the Jacksonville Jaguars long


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